Island Pink Shatter


THC: 72-79%

Island Pink Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with great sedative effects. The parent-strains that bred this extract are Pink Kush and an unidentified Indica strain. Golden honey yellow colour and translucent appearance make this excellent shatters. Also, the taste of Island Pink Shatter is sweet with hints of vanilla and berries.

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  • Island Pink Shatter Genetics: Pink Kush x Unknown Indica Strain
  • Concentrate Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

  • THC: 72-79%

  • Appearance: Honey yellow in colour and very see-through like glass

  • Texture: Snappy, Smooth and Glossy

  • Storage: Keep this extract refrigerated to reduce degradation. Best kept in a dark cool area with no exposure to light.

Island Pink Shatter

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