Critical Kush Marijuana Strain


Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Nausea, Migraines

Effects: Energetic, Paranoia, Sedated, Euphoric, Relaxed

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Medical cannabis patients can also find various uses in this strain’s therapeutic properties. It can work against deep-seated aches and pains, whether temporary or chronic.

The medicine’s anti-inflammatory may also help with more minor irritations like headaches or nausea. This strain’s mood-elevating effects may provide some welcome (albeit temporary) relief from stress, depression, and even anxiety. Finally, in high enough doses, Critical Kush may lull even insomniacs into a deep, fulfilling sleep.

Packaging: Depending on the volume of product ordered and the variety, we use a combination of twist top containers, sealed bags, and everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odorless arrival

Critical Kush Marijuana Strain


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